Sunday Links and Moving Update! 4.3.16

I’m officially moved! Patrick and I are forever roommates πŸ™‚ And BOY has it been a long weekend! We ran 18 miles yesterday for marathon training, did an initial load of moving small things, and then today we moved the big furniture and put it all together and in place. Woah, my body. is. spent.



The weekend obviously flew by, and we are taking the remaining few hours of our day to SIT and RELAX and REFUEL. Our metabolisms have been rolling strong with marathon training, so no food goes uneaten or untouched haha!


Our 18 miles went as well as we possibly could’ve asked for! I ran probably 15-20 minutes slower than Patrick but we both finished under the times we had set for our goals! SO HAPPY to be done with that long run, and it continuously boosts our confidence levels the more miles we bank every weekend.

Moving my furniture went swimmingly as well! Patrick and I beasted through lifting the bigger furniture and we quickly set everything in the space we wanted it. We finished in like 2-3 hours! Nothing broken, no injuries, and the furniture is all in tact πŸ™‚ Woohoo! Now time for me to finesse and decorate and rearrange until we make it super duper comfortable and homey πŸ™‚


NOW, back to my Sunday links. I didn’t have a ton of time this weekend to research, but here are some pretty sweet ones I found nonetheless!

Spring Cleaning for the Soul. This is such a great article about why we don’t need THINGS and how to collect memories instead πŸ™‚

Rules for Glowing Skin at Any Age. Oooh, we all love clear and happy and bright skin, right?!

The Sneaky Thought Pattern that’s been Holding You Back. Speak nicer to yourself. Be confident! And don’t set yourself up for failure!

Tesla’s Pre-Order Numbers. HO-LEE-SHNIKES.

Easy Rice and Chicken Soup.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cups.


One Pan Skillet Honey Dijon Chicken.


Deep Dish Double Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookie.


Asian Lettuce Wrap Chicken Chopped Salad.


Happy Sunday friends! Here’s to a beautiful week and a new productive living space!

Peace, xoxo.

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