Training Update- 2.6.2018

It’s official. My Half Ironman training has begun!IMG_20180130_182537_613As many of you who are following me know, I started at the beginning of 2018, with swimming/running/cycling as often as I could in between my regular workout schedule. That was a LOT to handle, with my group fit classes (bootcamp mixed with heavy lifting, conditioning, strength, etc.), yoga, hot Bikram yoga… Phewwwww!

This week marks the first week of my official training (yes I have a separate Google calendar for all my workouts that I follow) and I cannot WAIT to see how my body responds and changes to the influx of swimming and biking (I run a decent amount already LOL).This training, combined with regular 40-45 hour work-weeks, seeing friends and family, spending time at home with bae and Bay cleaning, cooking, snuggling… Later this month, I have a yoga workshop on backbends and heart openers. I also have a 5k and an 8k this month. And two birthday parties out of town where we’ll be spending the night away from home. So, yes my life is a bit on overdrive/overload/over the top busy right now 🙂 But somehow – it’s WORKING for me 🙂 I’m riding this happiness as long as I can!
Screenshot_20180206-091510I am also currently in a Hot Yoga challenge at my studio right now – with a goal of going to a class 10 times in 30 days. So far, on 2/6, I’ve gone to one class 🙂 Soooo I have a bit of catching up to do… 🙂 But you know how much I love a good challenge 😉Screenshot_20180206-091519Really though – I am resting. I am getting enough sleep. Patrick is stuffing me with good nutritious home-cooked food. And I am so happy. This is just one section of my life, and I am filling it with all kinds of moments and experiences that make me truly happy and allow me to grow within myself, reachinggggg for my dreams and goals.Screenshot_20180206-091451So far I’m hitting new running 5k PR’s almost every race (I just hit sub 26 minutes!!! WHAT!!); I’m working on my indoor bike trainer that my dad bought me and Patrick set up for me at home; I’m nailing my swimming distance/time goals in the pool (which is a HUGE relief); and I’m constantly trying to grow my yoga practice, trying new workshops, types of breathing, meditation… all of it. ❤Screenshot_20180206-091530I am hoping to get more involved with the fitness/personal training scene in Milwaukee and the surrounding area soon too, as well as hopefully setting up some photo shoots just for fun to amp up my “label” on my Instagram, etc. I know a lot of people will question “why?” and “who cares?” and “what’s the point?” but I just think it will be fun, it’ll grow my brand and my @fitnessbyshannon image, and THAT is something that gives me great joy and excitement 🙂Screenshot_20180206-091502I hope you enjoyed this little rant, this small update about my life and how I’m choosing to spend my time right now. If you have ideas or inspiration for me, I’LL TAKE IT. If you want to collaborate somehow, PLEASE REACH OUT! 🙂 If you think I’ve inspired you in some way, TELL ME and let’s keep the momentum going! I want this happiness wave to rush over each and every one of you.IMG_20180124_181010_890Peace & Love guys 🙂

xoxo, Shannon

Instagram: @fitnessbyshannon

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