Training Update 2.21.2018

Hey friends!

My life lately has comprised of lots of swimming, biking, running, yoga’ing, eating (all the eating!) sleeping, and then trying to tend to my social life and home life too 🙂 It’s pretty wonderful and exciting, but yes it is definitely making my mind and body slightly more tired as I go through the day.IMG_20180217_110053I happen to be a highly motivated person. I don’t really require much pushing or encouraging to get myself up early in the morning in order to work out for hours at a time, let alone every single morning before work. It’s been my routine for a few years now, and I just hate the idea of breaking routine. It works for me! That doesn’t mean it works for everyone, but I make it work this way, so after work I can head home and relax and catch up on other parts of my life. 🙂IMG_20180220_110642_077That being said, yesterday when I was on the cycling bike for over an hour, I watched a documentary on ESPN about a girl in high school named Kayla Montgomery.  They wrote an article about her in Runner’s Magazine (click here) if you remember that, back in 2014, and then just aired her documentary again yesterday at the gym. She’s an INCREDIBLE record-breaking runner… who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This documentary shared her journey of running with absolutely numb legs in high school track and cross country and breaking so many records, winning regional and state events, and pushing past the destructive disorder her body plagued her with. Nothing stopped her.

I was on the bike, completely choked up watching this silent documentary (reading the captions) and wiping away tears as I saw her cross the finish lines and just collapse into her coach’s arms. If you need ANY kind of motivation, please look her up and watch her documentary. Read her story. Listen to her encouragement, because it is absolutely breath-taking and will inspire ANY one of us, I can guarantee that. And after watching that, I pushed harder, dug deeper, and told myself how strong I was and what I needed to accomplish in order to fully commit to this Half Ironman training.IMG_20180219_064038My training has been stellar so far – I’ve hit my goals, I’ve completed each aspect of my block training sessions, and still have been able to incorporate strength training group classes, as well as partake in my almost-usual number of assorted social events, family gatherings, and random party-times! 🙂IMG_20180218_181616_202Granted, I’m only on Week 3… but I plan to maintain my training first and foremost before anything else. I want to walk up to that starting line on June 10th at my Half Ironman and know that I gave my EVERYTHING in my training and that I prepared myself as much as I possibly could. I don’t care about timing or setting records, but I do care about making myself proud and proving I can push through inherent pain during these races to see the ultimate outcome… crossing that finish line as a HALF IRONWOMAN!!IMG_20180217_100704_188Thank you to those who are encouraging me through training, following my progress, and asking all kinds of questions. I LOVE IT! I am so excited to keep working hard towards my goals, so I can hopefully inspire others to reach more for theirs too. Just like Kayla Montgomery did for me!! ❤

Have a great day people 🙂

xoxo, Shannon

Instagram, if you want to follow my progress more – @fitnessbyshannon


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