Training Update! 3.13.2018

Swim, bike, eat, sleep, swim, run, eat, sleep, run, swim, eat, sleep…. Repeat.Β This has been my life for the last 6 weeks.IMG_20180308_091409_388.jpgOh, and don’t forget 3 days of lifting, usually 45 hours at my job, and having a social life/seeing family/cleaning my house… LOL.

It’s fine…
I’m fine…
This is the training I signed up for! At least I am happy doing pretty much only cardio and core for my workouts some days! πŸ™‚IMG_20180313_065042_212.jpgI’m feeling stronger and I feel my endurance building, so it’s definitely working. On the other hand, I feel my body requiring more nutrients…more sleep…more hydration. I struggle to focus a little bit later in the day when I’ve had a hard workout that morning. My legs and back are shaping up crazy fast – and I can feel a huge difference in my muscle definition and overall strength too.Β  Mileage and time are both increasing, and its incredibly exciting to see my watch distance increase while swimming or running, as well as the odometer on the bike tick upward! πŸ™‚IMG_20180312_083146_628.jpgWeekends are usually my time to decompress, try and get some extra sleep, and get some cleaning done… but I have full weekends through April already (including 3 half marathons in the month of April alone).

We visited my sister last weekend in Chicago for her birthday which was incredibly fun, and the weekend before that, we did the Shamrock Shuffle with friends in Milwaukee for an early St. Patty’s Day celebration!Β IMG_20180311_195845_183.jpgNext weekend we’re in Chicago AGAIN for St. Patrick’s Day too! It’s the best holiday, so we MUST celebrate in style!IMG_20180304_080723_033.jpgWhat I consistently have been reminding myself throughout this entire process… is that this is the FUN part. This is the part that I always have loved and will always love when working towards a goal – the training and practice! Every morning is a new opportunity to do something good for my body, get my tolerance a little higher, and focus on that one particular day first. Nothing tomorrow, nothing next week… just focusing on TODAY. πŸ™‚IMG_20180312_100454_169.jpgI found a quote the other day that really resonated with me. I tend to be a very “busy” person. I like to have a full calendar, maintain many friendships, travel as often as I can, and I always love trying new physical activities and ways to workout. The over-hyping of “busy” has become such a cultural issue with us millennials, and I truly strive to NEVER encourage people to be too over-committed. Take what you can handle, and focus on what your personal goals are. I am the type of person who loves to have full weekends seeing as many friends as I can, with all kinds of workouts, but then Monday, I don’t plan a single thing because I need to recharge and boost myself up again.


Let us no longer glorify
abundance without purpose. πŸ™
May this be an undoing
of mindless multitasking. 🧘
Let us cease thinking that busy
is a measurement of worth. πŸ’œ
May we graciously learn to surrender
a full life for a fulfilling life. πŸ‘£
@b.oakmanΒ  on Instagram.IMG_20180308_104531_444.jpgEnjoy your moments. Look at people when they talk to you. Step away from your phone even for 10 minutes every day and try not to think about it. Being busy comes with this life I’ve chosen, but I will never give up the individual moments that float away if we don’t open our eyes to see them. ❀




Have a beautiful day guys! Thank you to EVERYONE who has been giving me so much support (shout out to you Mom! And Patrick OF COURSE (I’d die)). ❀ Stay tuned in until my race on June 10th in Madison! πŸ™‚



Instagram: @fitnessbyshannon

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