Life Lately 7.23.2018

Hey friends πŸ™‚

My my my, so much has been changing and shifting and moving within me and my life since my last blog. Change is good, change is beautiful! I am so excited to be working hard and diligently towards new goals in my life, and also finding new bright moments in my personal story called life that I am learning from. But let me get there in a moment.IMG_20180707_080235_315
As many of you know, Patrick and I went on a cross-country road trip out West to Oregon to visit Manda and Erik while they were living and working on a farm through WWOOF. For those of who are asking why they are there, check out this link. This organization is outstanding and such a cool and unique way to get out and travel, learn about sustainable farming, and all kinds of other things – check it out. Maybe it sparks an interest for you!

Anyway… needless to say this was absolutely the trip of a lifetime. We didn’t travel to crazy unique places; it wasn’t across any oceans; it wasn’t to a new continent or country, but it completely changed my life and I had no idea it would have such a profound effect on me. Not only did I gain a new reverence for nature and Mother Earth, but my connection with Patrick strengthened tremendously and I found myself falling in love with him all over again.IMG_20180629_162448Additionally, my interest and decision to live more simply has grown and become more of a flagship destination for my life. My longing to follow and strive for achieving all goals that I set for myself, no matter how big or small, has also re-ignited something within me!IMG_20180706_19372312 beautiful days on this trip allowed us to truly detach from things back home, and really unwind. I was able to truly unplug, focus on what was directly in front of me, and be mindful of every decision I made, everything I witnessed, and allowed me to relax! Go figure! I didn’t realize that what I thought was relaxing and meditating was still very go-go-go, so this trip really opened my eyes to how busy I am living my life all the time.IMG_20180702_153629We drove through some incredible areas of our country, parks and cities, and everything we saw I made sure to glue to my memory, so that I would never forget the beauty and simplicity of what was seemingly a simple road trip out West to visit my sister and Erik and Benny! Camping along the majority of the way also was such a cool experience, because we were able to live minimally, spend the night out in nature, and remove any other distractions that might take away from the gorgeousness and beauty of our nation’s national parks.
IMG_20180630_154527Of course, we are also still marathon training, so training did not stop just because we went on a cross-country road trip. To be quite frank, Patrick was the person who motivated me to continue to run, as I was ready to just throw in a few 3 mile runs throughout the trip; but since he stuck to his schedule, I had further motivation to stick to mine as well! And I’m so glad I did, because I was able to see some gorgeous parts of our country by foot, and smell and see and feel all the nature around me.IMG_20180701_080947-01

IMG_20180706_101229-01Not only did we see some incredibly beautiful trees and plants, but we were fortunate to see some wildlife that truly encompassed the definition of wild. It’s truly a unique astounding experience when you see an animal in its natural habitat and you know that you are on their turf and whatever they say GOES (haha). Of course, we saw the Pacific Ocean from California, all kinds and elevations and types of mountains and valleys, and some breathtakingly huge trees in Redwood National Forest.IMG_20180703_103632_500We visited my sister and Erik on the farm they were working/living on, and it was so beautiful! The area was just covered with all kinds of farmland, including vineyards, so obviously we went to a winery. πŸ™‚ When in Oregon!IMG_20180705_161023

IMG_20180705_162206_298The farm they worked on specialized in all medicinal Chinese herbs, and I honestly had no idea the intricacies of growing plants, carefully weeding and watering, and how long it takes to nurture and grow the types of plants that eventually become medicine and tinctures to help with all kinds of various diseases and illnesses. I will be posting another blog about farming in general, and our newfound passion and interest in it, but seeing how this farm operated and learning what we did was absolutely astounding. I’m so so glad we were able to visit these farmers and see this space!

I would do this trip all over again if I could, and I would spend twice as much time in each park, because there truly was so much to see and so much that we wanted to experience…however since we decided to bring our puppy Baymax and National Parks they don’t allow dogs on trails, we were unable to to fully get engulfed in everything that the parks had to offer. Obviously we are so happy that we brought Baymax because he was part of the family! So that was a no-brainer!Β IMG_20180703_135724Many of you asked if I took yoga pictures along the way, and I did not! Oh crazy! πŸ™‚ To be quite honest, I tried to not have my phone on me as much as possible, except for photos of scenery, animals, and anything else that really caught my eye (oh, literally everything). Since we did not have reception for the majority of the trip, it really was a beautiful break from staying connected, constant phone-checking and posting, and gave us a true getaway to spend QUALITY time together. #blessed. I am so grateful for that lack of reception, because even I find myself getting stuck checking my phone, contacting and talking to my friends and family, all because my head was down looking at my phone.IMG_20180702_101955

IMG_20180701_061041Patrick and I had quite a bit of car time together too, so we were able to discuss every little idea and thought together. I wish I had time like that with him every single day. He truly is a beautiful soul, and it felt like we just starting dating and finding out even more about each other, even 4 years later. We were able to discuss our future, our goals, and what we still wanted to do as a couple as we enter our 30s (well, my 29th year starts next week at least!). We have some pretty awesome ideas and I will probably be sharing some cool news with you all very soon!IMG_20180706_181124I was able to begin a meditation practice as well on this trip. I can’t say clearly enough how this has changed my outlook on my life, my goals for future development, and quite honestly, it has brought a lot to light from my past that I thought I dealt with, but instead realized that I simply buried it deep down. This meditation has brought me such peace, and now I meditate one or two times per day, and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.IMG_20180706_190929

IMG_20180706_195015-01I love you all, and thank you so much for supporting me and reading these summaries of my life lately. I hope that you are able to find a small retreat/place for yourself so you can continue to develop and set goals and never stay stuck in one place. Make space for meditation and inner reflection. You really will NOT regret it.Β IMG_20180708_095356Love and only love.

Peace, xoxo.


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