FitnessByShannon – Exciting Announcements!

I know you guys have been waiting with bated breath for weeks – trying to figure out what my social media posts have been about, what they are referring to, what I’m doing with my life and goals, marathon training… I’ve been alluding towards some changes in my life for awhile now, and I THANK YOU all for sticking around and being here with me, right here, right now, as I announce some new exciting paths I’m choosing to take with my life and fitness. I can’t thank you enough!! This has been a long time coming. šŸ™‚IMG_20180802_095113_744I won’t make you hold your breath anymore, I’ll just cut right to the chase.

I have finally spent some time figuring out how to get more involved in the Fitness world again. The time is now, it’s finally here, and I’m ready to be of service again in this area of my life. šŸ™‚ #FitnessByShannon is becoming an actual SOMETHING, instead of just a hashtag and my Instagram name šŸ˜‰

Three big changes are happening in my life:

ONE: I am finally opening Fitness By Shannon for business!! What does that mean, you ask?? Well I am now offering Running Coaching services, for anyone who wants to start running, keep running, get faster, or just plain run for fun šŸ™‚
As many of you know, running has been a huge passion of mine for years, and I have quite a bit of experience in this realm, in terms of all distances and types of races, and I, myself, have loved working with some friends over the years to get them up and RUNNING towards their goals šŸ™‚

I will be updating my website hopefully by the end of this month, but in the meantime, please reach out to me if you are interested in working together!! I would love to help any and everyone achieve whatever they want to achieve in this field! (I am so freaking stoked about this, if you couldn’t tell!)

Also – quick plug, but on my Instagram, I’ve been posting some of my workouts I’m putting together for myself, so make sure you take a look at the videos I post and in my stories!! I hope you like the content šŸ™‚IMG_20180821_093530_844TWO: I am proud to announce that I have been accepted as a Trainer at the new Shred415 location that will be opening in Elm Grove, WI at the end of October!! If you haven’t heard of Shred415, please look at this site and read about it.Ā 

Essentially, its a 60 minute dynamic class that has four 15 minute segments, moving from the deck (floor exercises) to the treadmill. It’s essentially my dream come true. This is exactly the type of workout that I fully believe in – and I have absolutely done these types of workouts on my own in the past, and can tell you right now how much I love the format! The energy just seems absolutely incredible, and I cannot WAIT to be in the middle of that, helping people get strong and guide these classes along!

This is obviously a new class I will be teaching, and there will be lots of learning on my end, but I couldn’t be more excited to jump in and join this incredible team. I hope that you all follow along with my posts about Shred, and maybe even come to one (or more!) of my classes when I do start teaching šŸ™‚IMG_20180820_211300_467THREE: LAST BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST: I have officially, and graciously, been accepted into Yoga Teacher Training at the incredible Tosa Yoga Center, which starts January 2019. I will be a student, yet again. I CANNOT CONTAIN MY HAPPINESS AND JOY AND EXCITEMENT ABOUT THIS. šŸ˜€ All I can really say is, I wish this started next week, because I am so stoked.

I will be in this teacher training for about 10 months, the 200 hours all spaced out according to a beautiful, well thought out plan. I am humbled and feel ready to join this training, in order to learn more about my own personal yoga practice, but also to eventually be able to share with my community and other new communities what I learn about this stunning and incredible ancient practice. ā¤IMG_20180813_083243_224Phew. That is a lot for me to announce, and I am trembling with excitement just typing this out. I really really hope you all can give me a little feedback, thoughts, encouragement, anything you think about this big step in my personal/professional journey šŸ™‚ I appreciate every kind thing, every question asked, every liked photo or comment, that I’ve had so far along this journey too – you guys really are the best. I hope you stay on the FitnessByShannon train and continue to be engaged as this grows even more. I’m always looking to improve, to sweat, to work hard, to help others achieve goals, and I can promise you –

This is only the beginning!!

Have an amazing day you guys – I hope to hear from you all soon! Please let me know your thoughts either via comment on this post, text message, email, anything!!

Love you all, thank you thank you thank you! ā¤



Instagram: @fitnessbyshannon

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