Fitness & Farming – 11.29.2018

Hey friends 🙂 Ahhh, I’m back. Finally with some time to put my thoughts together on this blog post and share with you how life is going. I feel like a broken record when I say this, but it feels like an absolute blur since I last wrote here. img_20181127_112537_882As you recall, I’ve left my full-time corporate job. I’ve started training at Shred415 and the Wauwatosa WAC in group fitness capacities. And I work at the front desk opening the studio at Tosa Yoga a few times a week. So far, that has been taking all my professional time. The past few weeks have been absolute bliss, if I’m being honest.

Patrick and I have been filling our time to.the.brim. Even though I only have a permanent schedule of 10-15 hours per week working, I have been just as busy as ever, believe it or not! The holiday season has helped fill that time too, especially last week. SO busy. SO much going on. But SO much love and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂img_20181124_113929_592I’ve been absolutely LOVING my Shred415 classes. I’m sure you’ve seen on my social media posts, but I am in the studio probably 5x a week, either teaching or taking a class from one of our amazing instructors. If you haven’t taken a class, you SHOULD! The workouts are always modifiable for any fitness level, and the 60 minutes fly by! The music, the community, the sweat – it’s seriously the best. ❤ I hope to continue to grow more with the company too as I follow this journey. 🙂img_20181110_102216_1612928071260064420343.jpgAside from that, Patrick and I have some pretty wonderful updates in the works. As some of you know, Patrick was working with a co-op farming over the last year and has learned a tremendous amount about urban farming, agriculture, and keeping herbs and vegetables and all plants happy and healthy and fruitful. He has a true, incredible talent and knowledge base for this field (pun intended!).00100lportrait_00100_burst20181119101921482_cover2356803984693780476.jpgmvimg_20181122_073346And so, we have decided to begin our own small farming/growing business. We have already started, in fact! We are working through the full business plan still, but we have already made space in our apartment to grow our own organic microgreens. These microgreens are absolutely the most delicious little bites I’ve ever had, especially for some greens we have grown within our own four walls!img_20181128_101201img_20181128_101147I couldn’t be more excited to see how our business begins to develop and grow, and you can be SURE I will be posting more updates and extending offers to you to try any of our products 🙂 Ahh!! So freaking exciting.

I know this is a lot to put in a short blog, but I would love to have conversations with any/all of you about all these new developments. As we continue through this holiday season, I know everyone is busy and there is always more to do and it can feel overwhelming for us all. Just remember to listen to what your heart and body are telling you; this is YOUR life. YOU can choose what you want to do with it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to fit into a mold or follow a script, because sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and GO FOR IT.img_20181122_212559_061I love you all. Thank you all. Always!!

xoxo, Shannon

Instagram: @fitnessbyshannon

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