Busy Busy Busy – Life Update! 2.5.2019

Hellooooo out there!! It has been literally since the end of November that I’ve returned to this platform. I really truly miss it. I’m so happy to be back.img_20190131_205411_933I know that literally everyone talks about how busy life is right now. Doesn’t it just always feel that way? Like you are flying through your mornings and then its time for bed and then time to get up and start again? I don’t know about you guys, but my days all roll together lately, especially with my new job (exciting!!! I’ll discuss below) and managing all kinds of people and updates and schedules simultaneously. Being busy just seems like the norm for a lot of people, myself included, and I am finally finding a groove and a way to maintain keeping all the plates spinning and everything flowing smoothly.00100lportrait_00100_burst20181230173323372_cover1655909670895108267.jpgFinding balance in life never really has an end. Its constant. Its always changing. We set new goals for ourselves, attempt to add or remove various check points in our daily lives and schedules, and are always hard-pressed to find balance or even time to eat, sleep, breathe, and do normal human things. πŸ™‚ I hope that reading my story and hearing how I deal with being busy and staying organized helps you realize that it is OKAY to not feel like your life is always perfectly put together. Because C’mon. Who’s life really is perfectly perfect all the time? (Trick question, answer: NO ONE).

  1. I LIVE BY MY CALENDAR. I put this in all caps because if I verbally said this to you,img_20190114_050532_8473972078025500919367.jpgΒ it would be in a louder, intense voice with wide eyes and a very serious face. My calendar is my tool to stay grounded and human. I know that once I put something in my calendar, my day is planned and I can just follow the hop scotch steps as I go through that day and it will smoothly (more or less) transition into the next day. I don’t double book myself, I make sure I’m not spreading myself too thin, I literally WRITE IN breaks for snacks, naps, and reading before bed. It’s my best best way to stay organized and remember where I should be and when and oh yeah, I need to eat something. πŸ™‚ May seem a little OCD, but it really does keep my life straight so I know confidently that my day is planned out.
  2. MEAL PREPPING – This is something I struggle with usually, because, to be totally honest with you, I don’t really like cooking. Sure, I’ll cook to make myself food so I can live and not be Hangry πŸ™‚ But generally speaking, I’m a cereal or protein bar or img_20190112_140251_3724526011013130321898.jpgsalad kinda girl because it takes 2 minutes and I’m good and full and only used a couple dishes. I’m very very fortunate to live with Patrick, as you all know, who LOVES to cook. He will cook every single day for me and absolutely love doing it. That being said, we definitely are the type of couple who makes enough food for one meal and rarely has leftovers unless we PLAN it that way. So yes, we plan to make double or sometimes triple what we cook, so we can have leftover lunches and dinners. He even started making me homemade gluten free waffles to put in the freezer so I stopped buying Vans boxes every 3 days πŸ™‚ LOL. Yes, I’m spoiled and yes I love waffles. But really, meal planning is an AMAZING way to make sure I take plenty of food with me when I leave the house in the morning and don’t come home absolutely starving at the end of the day. AND a good way to make sure I don’t spend superfluous amounts of money eating out during the week too, because THAT for sure adds up!
  3. SLEEP AND WATER, SLEEP AND WATER. Guys. I know as well as anyone that when img_15421785154250767113556.jpgwe are super busy, especially if we’re doing something we love to do, it’s hard to stay focused on our own health and wellness. I’m not even talking about working out, because that obviously is something we all could use a little help with, amiright? (I guess my job does help me a LOT to make sure I get my workouts in! But I digress…) It’s absolutely CRUCIAL that we focus on getting enough sleep
    (everyone is different, I require 8-10 hours per night – YEP – and Patrick can happily live off 6-8 hours a night). That, and drinking enough water to stay hydrated and keep our bodily systems functioning properly is absolutely HUGE to being able to keep up with the crazy schedules we setup for ourselves. Maybe you make a checklist of how much water you’ve had to drink that day and focus on getting them all in before 3pm? Or maybe you set an alarm on your phone to SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN at 9pm so you can get to bed by 10pm and get your good sleep in every night? Whatever it is, make it a HABIT and put yourself FIRST. The job can wait til tomorrow. The TV show will be there tomorrow. Just go to sleep and drink your H2O.

img_20190120_130939_2634856792814370761277.jpgI know these are three seemingly easy and super basic points about how to stay sane and organized and healthy in these super busy times. Speaking as a millennial myself, I love to be busy – I thrive off of it! I genuinely feed off getting things done, working off a check list, and feeling like I got done what I needed to every single day. But YES that includes days where I tell myself I’m not leaving the house, so I can nap, do the dishes, hang with Patrick and Baymax, and spend an hour stretching and doing yoga. IT IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE. And finding what is best for you and your body. I can’t say that enough. πŸ™‚
But moving on to my big exciting news about why I’m so so busy! πŸ™‚ I am, as many of you now know, the new Studio Manager of Shred415 in Elm Grove!Β img_20181124_113929_592Its an amazing fitness studio that provides group classes for anyone (yes, ANYONE, ANY fitness level) involving treadmill work (running or walking) and floor work (weights, body weight exercises, jumping/no-impact work). It’s high intensity interval training at its finest and it really is an amazing workout that shows results in no time.img_20190130_195854_2272083278647094045880.jpgTHAT being said, I pretty much feel like this place is my 2nd home now. I’m here ALL the time (by choice) and I still teach 4 classes per week, in addition to being the studio manager! And believe me when I say, there is essentially no cap to the amount of work I img_20190115_140233_7698862277919507001051.jpgcan do. Now, don’t take “work” as a negative word, because it isn’t. I love to work. I may even consider myself a slight workaholic. But this goes back to my point about feeling accomplished, checking things off a list, and feeling like I’m progressing forward. In a word, I’m MOTIVATED. And I feel like this job is truly a wonderful fit for a person like me with a lifestyle like mine and a mind that works the way mine does. πŸ™‚ My team and instructors are absolutely INCREDIBLE and I owe them all a little piece of my sanity because they keep me together and we all work together so so well.fullsizer_032802075356121312259.jpg

Yes, I’m busy. Yes, it’s really a new type of job for me that I’ve never really tried before. But if any of you know me truly, you KNOW that this is a dream job I’ve been wanting for awhile. Fitness/wellness/happiness is my passion. I want to help people. I want people to have FUN in fitness. I want to remove the negative stigma that oftentimes comes with exercise and sweat. It’s hard. It’s challenging. It doesn’t always feel good. But I want to bring excitement/energy/fun/positivity to working out and being healthy in general because that is what truly helps people make LIFESTYLE changes and not just quick and easy fixes.

That’s what this is all about, and if being busy is the way I can accomplish helping others and doing what I love, then absolutely BRING IT ON! πŸ™‚

I hope to see you all in the studio sometime! But I’ll have to check my calendar first… πŸ˜‰

Peace & Love, xoxo.


Instagram: @fitnessbyshannon00100lportrait_00100_burst20181231200731009_cover4048640603954337740.jpg

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