Healthy Banana Muffins 5.4.16

Hi friends! I know it's been a super long time since I've had a blog dedicated to just one recipe, so I figured I would share my recipe for banana muffins that I have been making...pretty much every week for the last month πŸ™‚ Patrick likes them! So I keep making them, since we can [...]

My Cooking Spree Lately. [Recipe!] 3.9.16

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am still cruisin' through training at my new job, loving every second, and my days are flying by! With marathon training every day with Patrick, new sessions and training at work, meeting hoards of new people... I have to make sure that I plan ahead for our meals. We both get [...]

Thoughts for Today 2.11.16

Good morning! Hi everyone. I have been on a ROLL lately with my blogs - yay me! Feels so good to get on a routine and flow my thoughts and reflections out this way. I'm pairing up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for some thoughts today! #chinesenewyear Patrick and I have been running our [...]

Buffalo Burger Night [recipe]

Can you say deliciousness? Our Tuesday dinner last night was something I had never tried before, but something I was dying to try. Especially after Patrick bought the ingredients πŸ™‚ We made buffalo burgers! I know everyone [including and especially me] is always looking for a lean source of protein, and sometimes ground turkey or [...]

Sweet V-Day Delights! [recipes]

Hello loves! How is everyone doing after the wonderful weekend? I just wish weekends could go on and on and on... Patrick and I celebrated our anniversary in Door County, and it was such a relaxing getaway. While it was crazy cold, we still had delicious food, played some fun card games, went for our [...]

Tuesday Tastes: Cinnamon!

Hello, hi, good morning friends! Almost the end of September, everyone - and I hope you're making the best of this beautiful Fall weather πŸ™‚ Got a beautiful walk in with my family and puppy over the weekend, as well as a solid run in yesterday morning at the gym! #happyShannon over here!   So [...]

WIAW: A Day at the Wisconsin State Fair!

I love the fair! I used to hate it. I felt dirty when I got home, always regretted what I ate, and was totally exhausted and sore from walking so much. But NOW, I love it! I have a newly discovered appreciation for walking around the fairgrounds, people-watching, food-watching, and window-shopping through the Expo Center. [...]