Thinking Out Loud #1

And so I begin. Begin again, at least. With my Thursday Thinking-Out-Loud posts. Amanda over at Running with Spoons is on her #136 post for these Thursday blogs; I'm so pumped to join up with her again today! Short post for today. With some of my recent thoughts ❀ 1. Summerfest has begun in Milwaukee. [...]

MIMM: 25th birthday celebratory weekend! So.Much.Cake.

Cake. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my birthday weekend. Cake and a lot of reallyyyyyy good Mexican food ❀ My mom surprised me at work the morning of my birthday with a DELICIOUS carrot cake - my favorite favorite kind of cake/ probably my favorite dessert ever. And I made her take a selfie [...]

Life Lately 7.21.14

Holy cats, everyone, its been two weeks since I posted last. TWO WHOLE WEEKS. That is how crazy busy my days have been flying by! I barely have enough time to read the blogs I subscribe to! Eeks! It's time to download some awesome memories and highlights of the last two weeks here! Let's see [...]

Friday Favorites: June 27

Yeah, I know I know. I haven't been on my blogging game this week. Honestly didn't have too much to share, so I let things add up a bit for a bigger, more interesting post to read πŸ™‚ Moving some recent favorites in my realm of Shannon lately. 1.Β Gus.Β He's obviously always my favorite. And [...]

Thinking Out Loud: Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Let's just start off with some adorable puppy cuteness for today. There. Moving on... Getting right into the swing of things for TOL (Amanda - you go girl!) for this gray, rainy Thursday here in Wisconsin... Ahhh Spring. We all thought you weren't going to give us this kind of weather since its already JUNE. [...]

Thinking Out Loud: I Moved!

Good morning folks - long time no blog! But really, this once-a-week thing is no good. Hopefully next week I'll have more flexibility and dendrites + neurons + things happening in my brain that will help me formulate interesting blogs πŸ™‚ Thinking Out LoudΒ (with Amanda!) for today is focusing on... How my "life got flipped...turned [...]

MIMM: Workouts and Doggies

Beauuuutiful day, my friends, isn't it? The weather is FINALLY floating in the 60's and tomorrow we're expecting upper 70's. Helloooo almost-summer! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Had a marvelous weekend, filled with mucho chilling with the fam, mucho workouts, and mucho eats. Om nom. Β  Starting this week, I'm going to keep track [...]