My Cooking Spree Lately. [Recipe!] 3.9.16

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am still cruisin' through training at my new job, loving every second, and my days are flying by! With marathon training every day with Patrick, new sessions and training at work, meeting hoards of new people... I have to make sure that I plan ahead for our meals. We both get [...]

TOL: #7 – R&R, Running and Relaxing

Good moooooooorning people! Β Thursdays are for "Thinking Out Loud" so I have a few thoughts to share with y'all!Β Aren't you so excited? The past few nights have.been.incredible. We've obviously been incredibly busy the last...oh...SUMMER and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to relax, recover, and refuel. (aka EAT). I've been getting my runs in [...]

Thinking Out Loud #1

And so I begin. Begin again, at least. With my Thursday Thinking-Out-Loud posts. Amanda over at Running with Spoons is on her #136 post for these Thursday blogs; I'm so pumped to join up with her again today! Short post for today. With some of my recent thoughts ❀ 1. Summerfest has begun in Milwaukee. [...]

Thinking Out Loud: Eat, Lift, Sleep, Repeat

Happy Thursday people! All is well on the home front here πŸ™‚ I cannot BELIEVE July is 3/4 of the way over. Buuut my birthday is in a week!!! So, can't complain too much (only a little). (Thanks for the link up Amanda, as aaaaalways!) My workouts have been all over the spectrum of workouts [...]

Tuesday Tastes: The Timeless Pancake

I have never met a person who does not like pancakes. The most timeless breakfast item, and the food we all have separation anxiety with, alongside our deeply-rooted addiction (in a good way, of course). Today's post is a tribute to this most beautiful piece of edible artwork. I hope you all enjoy, and I [...]

Favorite Topic Friday: Smoothies

Ahhh, good ol' Friday again. I never get sick of this feeling of the end of a good and productive work week. Time to write about one of my favorite food groups (yes, I consider them a food group): SMOOTHIES. If any of you know me very well, you would be able to attest to [...]