Life Lately 6.14.16

Good morning!! How is everyone today? Enjoying our lovely humid/rainy/sunny weather? Because I sure am. πŸ™‚ Summertime, summertiiiiiiiiiiime! Last Saturday, we got up SUPER EARLY and ran the Summerfest Rock n' Sole Quarter Marathon. We initially had signed up for the half marathon, but to be frank, we were so busy on Saturday, we just [...]

Buffalo Burger Night [recipe]

Can you say deliciousness? Our Tuesday dinner last night was something I had never tried before, but something I was dying to try. Especially after Patrick bought the ingredients πŸ™‚ We made buffalo burgers! I know everyone [including and especially me] is always looking for a lean source of protein, and sometimes ground turkey or [...]

Clean Eating Foods

Going along with the popular topic of how to eat "clean," I thought I'd post today on how exactly to do that: what foods should you eat, which should you avoid... all that jazz. Yes, there are healthy foods out there that may have the facade of being "clean and good for you," but what [...]