Saying Yes to Finding My True Potential-11/17/2017

For the past few weeks, or maybe months, I’ve been trying to focus on my potential. My opportunities, chances, ways to grow. And focusing on accepting new invitations…saying YES to new ideas and events in order to give myself the chance to say “I loved that! I want to keep going back!” or “Nah, that wasn’t for me…” I’m realizing this is the best and most effective way for me to really GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. We’ve all probably heard the adage, but it is exactly the way to grow and develop and cultivate every ounce of your potential. I know that I have room to grow, and I have a seemingly endless amount of goals I want to accomplish/ bucket list items to check off. So why wait? I’m ready to start now 🙂img_20171117_063811_2182452283716724134189 Most recently, I joined a hot yoga studio – the same one at which my wonderful cousin Mary works. I haven’t done hot yoga in over a year, and I haven’t participated in Bikram in over 5 years! But Wednesday night I went to a class, and enjoyed every single moment of it. If you have never done Bikram, it’s veryyyy different from a traditional vinyasa yoga class. Finding my breath, finding my balance, and focusing on getting my sweaty and warmed body to do what I want it to do. It was WONderful and I will be going back as often as I can (especially in this chilly winter season! Quite the detox!). I hope to combine this type of yoga with my regular vinyasa as well to get a more well rounded practice (this may just be for me and not for you, so do what your body feels good doing!)img_20171115_185219_6221894669070215012660IMG_20171116_092600_651I have also officially been using my prana mat regularly at night! I try and lay on it 3-4 times per week after dinner at home while we rest and watch Netflix. It’s been wonderfully detoxing as well, and my back and neck have especially felt so much better and less tight. That, in conjunction with my hour-long massages every 3 weeks, has been my personal golden ticket to recovery 🙂 In the afternoons at work when we all feel that 2:00-3:00 slump, my lemon ginger tea is the perfect way to wake me up without any additional caffeine! The ginger is SO wonderful for digestion too 🙂

Below are the new malas that I recently purchased too – if you don’t know much about malas, it’s okay – I’m still learning a lot too 🙂 There are 108 beads, that are known for protecting us and activating certain energies throughout our daily lives. Essentially, if you’re drawn to a mala, get it – they’re beautiful and hand-crafted and are daily reminders for me (and anyone) to be present and activate whatever that mala represents. I love it, but maybe that’s just me. 🙂img_20171103_1822576768654253761752667I have made some pretty great changes in how I eat, what I eat, when I eat… I want to first say that EVERYBODY eats differently. Everybody’s body, workouts, sleep schedule, hormone levels, recovery process, and overall goals is different than mine. So what I find works for me may not be what works for someone else. 🙂 That being said! I have completely cut out dairy, no questions. It suxxxxx because cheese/ice cream… But my body doesn’t like it, doesn’t like to digest it, and it really just makes me feel junky so BYE! Same goes for refined sugars. Aside from some stray Halloween candy in the last couple weeks, I have cut out refined sugars. YES this is not easy, YES I still cave in sometimes, and YES I don’t plan on never eating sugar again. YES I am only human, but sugar is harshing my poz vibes bro 😉 Hot tea in the afternoons and ice cold amino acids any time of day are a perfect way for me to curb any potential sweet tooth from popping through too 🙂
img_20171116_143724_3362212632128149254177When I’m at work, I make sure I get up and walk around more. Again, still trying to hit my 10,000-12,000 steps per day! I stretch more (morning, afternoon and night before bed). I practice cleansing breathing techniques in the morning to wake up more clearly, and also before bed to slow my heart rate and relax my body as much as I can. I practice yoga every day, even if its a short as 15 minutes or if it’s 90 minutes in a class some days. I run minimum 2 miles 6 days a week. And these are just some of the new implementations and positive changes I’ve made in my personal lifestyle. I feel wonderful, to say the least 🙂 I plan to keep this up and hope to have even more positive results to share in the coming months!
img_20171112_105755_7421515459764341056905It drives me crazy when I feel like I could have done better at something. Or when I’ve forgotten to take my probiotic or multi-vitamin one day. Personally, it just feels like I’ve lost my true potential for that day. No, I’m not hard on myself nor do I punish myself for small things like this. But I really want to make improvements for GOOD, and fully 100% diving-in commit to them. Committing to positive energy, positive thoughts, and positive changes is for REAL what finding potential is all about. 🙂 At least for this girl. Loving my body, loving my mind and spirit, and honoring what I feel THAT day EVERY day.screenshot_20171113-1007428040621433161112012What drives you? What makes you FEEL alive? And what could you practice or plan to accomplish to find your fully true potential? It can be huge, it can be a small tweak. Whatever drives you. 🙂
img_20171112_123228_6337599339985605819755Thanks for reading peeps. Peace and love always.

Xoxo, Shannon

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Tuesday Tastes: What to do with Celery

Good Tuesday morning everyone!


Can I just say how I cannot believe there is snow on the ground AGAIN this morning?! Isn’t it the end of March? Eesh, so glad I’m jet setting off to California in two days. Wisconsin seems to be really lashing out this winter as long as possible!

Moving on…
Thinking about what to post for today’s Tastes, I didn’t really know where to go, so I started thinking of what was in my refrigerator that I have to eat before my trip on Thursday. And I remembered… I have a huge bag of celery I just got last weekend that needs to be eaten.

That led me to question…
How do I eat celery other than with peanut butter or on a salad?

Here are some pretty interesting and and awesome ways to incorporate celery into your regular daily meals. Hope you get some new ideas!

Blueberry Celery Smoothie. This super-easy smoothie is packed with vitamins and fiber, from the blueberries and tons of celery in it. Using coconut water is a great combination too, to keep that health factor high and added sugars down.


Citrus Celery Salad. Woah, definitely adding this to my salad repertoire. Everything about this celery salad screams detox and very clean-eating! Grapefruit and celery as a combination sounds absolutely fantastic. Give it a try for lunch or a side dinner salad!


Apple & Celery Chicken Salad. One of my favorite ways to use celery is to put it in chicken salad. I really need to make this more often, especially in the summer. Such a burst of crunchy, sweet, and savory flavors. Mmm!


Easy Chow Mein. Perfect for lunch or an easy family dinner, you can add tons of veggies to this chow mein recipe, including using up a few stalks of celery!


Cauliflower Chowder (with Celery!). Remember when I posted last week about Cauliflower? I just found a killer cauliflower soup recipe that incorporates all kinds of veggies in one. Aaaand bacon. Enough said, right?


Tuna Salad Celery Boats with Avocado and Dill. Here’s a fun way to spice up the most typical use of celery (ants on a log – anyone remember that??). When I’m in the mood, I can definitely get down on tuna salad, and instead of putting the celery in the salad, why not put the salad in the celery. Brilliant!


Cucumber, Celery and Gin Sorbet. And you thought I wouldn’t find a dessert with celery in it? Well, here you have it! I don’t know what to say other than… this sounds AMAZING. So few ingredients, this could definitely become one of my go-to summer Friday night desserts. Gin and veggies? Yes, please 🙂


Hope you go out and buy a ton of celery now! You can use quite a few stalks in just one recipe, so never let it go to waste again! Happy Eating everyone!

What’s your favorite way to eat celery?

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