Sweet V-Day Delights! [recipes]

Hello loves! How is everyone doing after the wonderful weekend? I just wish weekends could go on and on and on... Patrick and I celebrated our anniversary in Door County, and it was such a relaxing getaway. While it was crazy cold, we still had delicious food, played some fun card games, went for our [...]

Birthday Trip Part 1: Goooood Nawlins Eats

As my sister so perfectly reminded me the morning of my birthday, "calories are negative on your birthday." And believe me, Patrick and I ate that way our whole trip πŸ˜‰ Plenty of seafood, plenty of snacking, and paaaleeennnnntyyyy of birthday desserts made for an incredible 4 days in New Orleans. Marrrvelous time ❀ The [...]

Tuesday Tastes: Goat Cheese

I just cannot get enough of this 50 degree weather in Wisconsin! Seriously, 50 degrees is like 90 degrees anywhere else. It just feels so much warmer! Definitely perks up my attitude πŸ™‚ And Happy Shannon = cooking and cleaningΒ nonstop.Β Yep, I like to think of it as a gift haha! No hating! Lately... I have [...]

Tuesday Tastes: What to do with Celery

Good Tuesday morning everyone! Can I just say howΒ I cannot believe there is snow on the ground AGAIN this morning?! Isn't it the end of March? Eesh, so glad I'm jet setting off to California in two days. Wisconsin seems to be really lashing out this winter as long as possible! Moving on... Thinking about [...]