#Nomz Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

Guys. I had the most DELICIOUS dinner last night... while watching more Harry Potter. We're on a KICK! It's the best thing ever, really... So yesterdayΒ happenedΒ to be one of the most hot and humid days we've had yet this summer in Wisco. So...naturally...we decided to cook hot things on the stove. Makes sense to me... [...]

Tuesday Tastes: SUPER EASY Eggy Tri-Colored Quinoa

Yay for Tuesdays! It means Monday is over, and we can all exhale a little as we delve deeper into our weeks and get closer to the weekENDS πŸ™‚Β Hope you all had a terrific start to your week! Β  Last night I made one of my faaavorite staple "dishes," although its really so easy to [...]

Tuesday Tastes: Cauliflower

Greetings all! Hoping you are all enjoying your week thus far - yesterday totally flew by for me! Gotta love St. Patty's Day! πŸ™‚ Great times with family and friends... and amazing Irish food- you really can't beat that!Moving on to today's food topic: CAULIFLOWER. I have really been enthralled by this veggie lately, and [...]

St. Patty’s Day Green Nummers!

What a beautiful Tuesday morning isn't it?? I want to start out with a shout-out to my best friend and lovely sister Mandaline, who turned 22 today πŸ™‚ #hollaatyogirl So today's tastes focus on one of my favorite holidays - St. Patrick's Day! I come from a very solid line of Irish descent, and take [...]

Tuesday Tastes: The Timeless Pancake

I have never met a person who does not like pancakes. The most timeless breakfast item, and the food we all have separation anxiety with, alongside our deeply-rooted addiction (in a good way, of course). Today's post is a tribute to this most beautiful piece of edible artwork. I hope you all enjoy, and I [...]