Life Lately! 10.24.16

Hi people! These monthly life update blog posts have become very common and easily maintainable for me. So I think I might keep this going πŸ™‚Β Wuddya think? We have been loving our busy schedules lately - this month was FILLED with travel, all over the country! Portland, OR; Austin, TX; and the photo above was [...]

An Object in Motion Stays in Motion… Life Updates! 8.29.16

Hellooooooo!! Longest hiatus ever I know. Therefore... I definitely have plenty to update you with! Β We have been zooming around to various races/events, enjoying our perfect little puppy growing up and growing HUGE already, and of course I am still completely grateful and loving my personal training gig, with my yoga practice peppered in still. [...]

#PictureFrameFriday #5: Triathlon Training!

On August 15, Patrick, my dad and I are participating in a Sprint Triathlon. Soooo that means we must train!! I haven't made much time for swimming with my marathon training and all, so this morning we SWAM and it felt SO good! Let me back up... TODAY'S MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!! ❀ She's always been [...]

MIMM #4: Relaaaxing Weekend

Goooood morning! Its Monday again! And this past weekend, albeit very relaxing and full of great sleep and food, went by WAY too fast. Always does. Ohh summertime. Pictures galore for my Bastille Days weekend and lots of time spent with family! Ready for #MIMM? πŸ™‚ First of all, I'm obsessed with Kombucha. #everydaypeople Usually, [...]

Fox Cities Half Marathon – Got my PR!

Happy Monday people! Took me awhile to muster up the energy to write this blog post today, not gonna lie. Was a long, relaxing weekend to be sure, and the cherry on top was getting my Personal Record for my half marathon yesterday!! Started the weekend with a "Hmph, it's Finally FRIDAY" attitude. Totally necessary. [...]

MIMM: Running, Showers and Cinco De Mayo!

Aaaand it's Monday again. It's also Cinco de Mayo...I never really celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Is that bad? I love Mexican food, but I don't go out for margaritas or eat my body weight in taco dip on this holiday (that was only in high school!). Too...much... food...I can't even. But nevertheless, there are SO [...]

MIMM: First Race of the Season!

To-do list is written for the week, oatmeal is eaten, and all emails have been checked. Ohh glorious Monday πŸ™‚ Did I mention that Mother Nature is actually starting to be kind to us in Wisconsin too? It's over 40 degrees out people... yeah, it's happening! I'm feelingΒ MARVELOUS for one main thing this beautiful Monday. [...]