New Jobs, New Schedule… New Everything! 10.12.2018

Man! This week has been unbelievably different and way busier than anything I've done in a long time. I just have a quick blog update for you this week, but this really makes my heart so incredibly happy to share with you.Β AND I LOVE IT.Β I can't tell you how happy my mind is. My brain [...]

Our Move – The Recap 6/2/16

First of all, Happy June!! πŸ™‚ Secondly, we did it! We moved into our new beautiful home last weekend. And due to a myriad of unfortunate circumstances that arose, we moved ALL by ourselves. My mom came on the last day to help us clean and organize and do the finishing touches, but Patrick and [...]

2015 Wrap-Up

The speed with which this last year RACED by is still unbelievable to me...but I wouldn't change anything about it. Every single month, something exciting happened. And every single day, a new memory was created from that day's experiences. I am so excited to see how 2016 goes... And I have a feeling it'll be [...]

Fox Cities Half Marathon – Got my PR!

Happy Monday people! Took me awhile to muster up the energy to write this blog post today, not gonna lie. Was a long, relaxing weekend to be sure, and the cherry on top was getting my Personal Record for my half marathon yesterday!! Started the weekend with a "Hmph, it's Finally FRIDAY" attitude. Totally necessary. [...]

Thursday Thoughts – Photo Edition 9.18.14

I think we all know what Thursdays are for... ❀ SUCH an important topic. Vi is donating TWICE as much to these children battling obesity. It's time to TAKE ACTION. Who wants to join me in this fight against obesity?! Let's connect on Facebook or message me directly! Check out my personal site for more [...]

Ways to Love Yourself and Your Body

Simple, short, and sweet post for today. I think this list is a great reminder of how we need to love ourselves. Life is too short to be really is. Everyday we need to take every breath for what it is, and think one step at a time. What we think about and spend [...]

Thursday Thoughts

Here are some random motivational thoughts to spark up your Thursday mornings. My goal is go inspire you all, or even just one of you, using these quotes in order to start your day in a fantastic way. Enjoy! πŸ™‚ ABOUT WORK: Put some love and passion into what you do everyday; find something about [...]