Thank you – 5.4.2018

And there goes another 6 weeks since I last blogged!! And not for naught! I have been meticulously working and pushing through my Half Ironman training, my day job, and my nights/weekend job (being a girlfriend, sister, daughter, friend, etc. πŸ™‚ ). So thank you for bearing with me!Β I'm sure many of you follow me [...]

TOL: #6 – Wisconsin State Fair Part 1!

Hayyyyyyyyyy all you people. Woke up today and thought it was Friday. And usually that would make me sad, but we have another night at the State Fair tonight that I'm stoked about! So no sad, no sad. πŸ™‚ So I'll just think about all the great fair food we had last night... We met [...]

Birthday Trip Part 1: Goooood Nawlins Eats

As my sister so perfectly reminded me the morning of my birthday, "calories are negative on your birthday." And believe me, Patrick and I ate that way our whole trip πŸ˜‰ Plenty of seafood, plenty of snacking, and paaaleeennnnntyyyy of birthday desserts made for an incredible 4 days in New Orleans. Marrrvelous time ❀ The [...]

#Nomz Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

Guys. I had the most DELICIOUS dinner last night... while watching more Harry Potter. We're on a KICK! It's the best thing ever, really... So yesterdayΒ happenedΒ to be one of the most hot and humid days we've had yet this summer in Wisco. So...naturally...we decided to cook hot things on the stove. Makes sense to me... [...]

Wednesday Workout Recap #3

I can tell you right now Wednesdays are becoming my favorite days of the week for workouts. Every morning, I join a group at my gym for a class called Outfitt, where they take us outside and we do obstacle courses, including a TON of intervals, hills, stairs, and other body weight exercises.Β  Its just [...]

#PictureframeFriday Beginnings…

I would like to deem my Fridays as "Picture Frame" Fridays (#pictureframefriday). They will consist (mostly) of photos from my week, with short captions, and will hopefully be super fabulously interesting, loaded with photos of good food, workout ideas, and other musings from my perspective πŸ™‚ I think I may even throw in some inspirational [...]

Tuesday Tastes: Crunchy Munchy Carrots

One staple that I always have in my fridge? Carrots. I snack on them plain, dip them in all kinds of hummus and salsa, add them to salads and stir-fries - you name it. I don't typicallyΒ bakeΒ with them, but that is only because carrot cake is probably one of my favorite desserts EVER. Cream cheese [...]