MIMM: Workouts and Doggies

Beauuuutiful day, my friends, isn't it? The weather is FINALLY floating in the 60's and tomorrow we're expecting upper 70's. Helloooo almost-summer! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Had a marvelous weekend, filled with mucho chilling with the fam, mucho workouts, and mucho eats. Om nom.   Starting this week, I'm going to keep track [...]

Wednesday Tastes: Bananas!

Since yesterday I dedicated my post to The Earth in honor of Earth Day, today I'll highlight my food of the week! An incredibly versatile and surprisingly nutrient-packed item that is always on my grocery list: the one...the only...the banana. While bananas are often used in breakfasts, or obviously solely as someone's breakfast, they really can be used [...]

Thinking Out Loud – Take One!

This week sure has sure defined itself as a week for firsts! I am entering the world of Amanda (again) and am transitioning my Thursday Thoughts to Thinking Out Loud Thursdays... (essentially the same thing). Hope you enjoy, and thanks Amanda for hosting! 1. Peanut butter. I really don't think I could ever be Paleo... strictly [...]

Tuesday Tastes: The Timeless Pancake

I have never met a person who does not like pancakes. The most timeless breakfast item, and the food we all have separation anxiety with, alongside our deeply-rooted addiction (in a good way, of course). Today's post is a tribute to this most beautiful piece of edible artwork. I hope you all enjoy, and I [...]

Favorite Topic Friday: Smoothies

Ahhh, good ol' Friday again. I never get sick of this feeling of the end of a good and productive work week. Time to write about one of my favorite food groups (yes, I consider them a food group): SMOOTHIES. If any of you know me very well, you would be able to attest to [...]