Living the Happy Life 9.14.2017

Hey y’all 🙂 How is everybody? Enjoying this space between summer and fall?Screenshot_20170914-084624

This transition is always always my favorite time of the year. If we could just pause the temperature/ weather/ outdoor feel, with cool nights and slightly warmer days, I would be just peachy happy with that! It’s perfect for literally everything: running, watching sports, swimming, sleeping at night, HARRY POTTER SEASON… I’ll take permanent Summer-to-Fall weather thanks!

I’m not sure if you remember, but at the beginning of this calendar year, January 2017, I dedicated myself to a new life, free of negativity/stress/judgment… and I renamed my blog and Instagram Fitness By Shannon. I am finally here to update you on this journey so far – it has been astoundingly beautiful. If you’d have told me that it was possible to live without unnecessary negativity and stress, obviously I would not have believed you – stress comes with life, everyone has it, it’s natural. Where that is true in some cases, I now know that if you let go of worry and sadness and insecurity (as much as you possibly can), then life really does seem… easier. Full of life and positive people and happy experiences.patrick shannon


That is what I’ve been experiencing over the last several months in 2017. I have been eating healthier than ever, and yet still indulging in ice cream and beer if the time comes. I don’t feel bad about it, I don’t let negative emotions affect me when I imbibe, and ya know what, I only have a limited time on this Earth – so I sure as hell am not going to worry about having a cupcake or glass of Sangria here and there! (Especially with 4 weddings in September on top of my peak marathon training miles, you BET I’m going to enjoy that cake and wine!)

One of my biggest stresses used to be time management. I am a very organized, need-to-plan-everything-out, “I’ll just hold the tickets for everybody” person, so that’s not really the issue. The issue is the straight amount of events and tasks and opportunities and dates that were booked in my calendar. There was something happening every single day and night, and since June, balancing all of that with marathon training?? It was a new challenge to say the least. With the busy schedule (that I fully commit to and yes, it’s my fault for saying yes to so many things), we are obviously flyin’ from one place to the next constantly, and that used to stress me out to the max. I HATE being late – I am usually the girl who’s there exactly on time, or 5 minutes early.sugarcaneBut I now remind myself that, in whatever situation I find myself, there is nothing more that I can do except my absolute best. I needed to focus more on the “right now” instead of “I should’ve, we should’ve, why didn’t we…” ideas. As my mom always tells me, we can’t go back in time, so let’s learn from the current situation, get through it, and plan better next time. ❤ (She’s brilliant). And my dad always reminds me to remember THIS moment, because 85% of life is just showing up. Get there, and do what you can right then and there.walking

Another incredible change for me has been shutting out any relationship or negative person in my life. This easy change was a weight off my shoulders. I only associate with people whom I love and love me back. It’s as easy as that. I spend the majority of my time with my amazing/ selfless/ adventurous/hilarious/handsome AF boyfriend Patrick and our puppy Baymax. Whenever I can be with them, even if it’s lounging on the couch all day on a Sunday, I feel my energy fill back up to the brim. My heart bursts with love for them. My family is incredible in so many ways; they support me more than I ever could ask them to, and they each have such a special place in my heart. My sister is my best friend, and without her advice, comic relief, support, and straight up love and honesty, I wouldn’t be as put together as I think I am 😉gagaOne last relief for me has been my rest days. Ironically, as much as I love getting to the gym with weights, on my mat to do yoga, and in my shoes to run outside, I cherish the days after work when I can come home and do nothing on the couch. The Sundays where we have literally ZERO plans (rare). Where we can just pick a show on Netflix and cruise (or snooze) through all of it. My body and my energy levels need those days, since my mind essentially refuses to stop thinking and processing and planning 🙂 Everybody close to me knows my couch time IS MY COUCH TIME. No, I won’t leave the house or put real clothes on. Yes, I will probably continue to clean and cook and organize. But I will be sleeping/napping/in and out of consciousness because that’s what my body needs right meow. 🙂IMG_20170810_170331My point in this long explanation is…  DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Really, make the TIME to get outside in the sunshine, travel even if it’s just a weekend getaway, and laugh your head off at stupid jokes and adorable corgi puppy videos. Spend the MONEY on special sushi dinners and exciting new yoga workshops (it’s just money). See those who you LOVE, because we really are all busy, so just make it happen if it’s important to you. That is literally all that matters. I dress how I want to feel good, I eat what I want to fuel my body as thoroughly as I can, I lift/run/do yoga every day to strengthen my heart, mind, and body. This is the life that I have chosen to live. If you simply change your mind, you can change your life. I firmly believe that now. I don’t even believe in stress taking over; because whatever comes my way, I will handle it. I have a support system, I have the tools needed to cope with anything, and I know that life will continue on. chin standThank you for reading ❤ Stay tuned for more from this new lens. 🙂

xoxo, Shannon

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Thursday Thoughts – Photo Edition 9.18.14

I think we all know what Thursdays are for… ❤


SUCH an important topic. Vi is donating TWICE as much to these children battling obesity. It’s time to TAKE ACTION.
Who wants to join me in this fight against obesity?! Let’s connect on Facebook or message me directly!

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Completed some AMAZING workouts the last few days.
❤ Photo Summary BELOW ❤

connie lauren me gym

Yes I count this as us working out 🙂 Love this bae ❤

tara me


I’ve been so happy to get back in the pool!! #swimmerforlife


Had a FABULOUS time with friends in Houston, TX over the weekend for the amazing Vitality conference!! I learned so much, filled my notebook with notes, met over 100 new faces and made so many warm memories with new friends. SERIOUSLY cannot wait for the next one! I am so blessed to be a part of this company – they really know where they’re going, where they want to be, and how to get there. Happy to go along for the journey!! 🙂

jen lauren nick melauren me matt me

Not to mention, I got to meet WINNING Visalus Fitness models.
Yeahhh, now I have #goals.

mel me

buddy me

AND Vi announced their new ViBites! The best and healthiest way to snack during the day, since HELLO that can be the hardest part of eating for some of us 😉 They have four different kinds, two protein-rich and two low-cal. I have my huge sampler box at home anddddd they’re amazing. #inlove #gimmemoresnacks

vi bites

Ready to continue this crazy, exciting, fantastic lifestyle I’m just starting.
I’m ready to go big, and definitely not ready to go home 🙂


How have you all been?! Seriously feels like eons since I’ve heard from some of you or commented on your blogs!
I’ll be going through today and catching up!! ❤

Peace & Love Always ❤

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The Life of a Busy “Fitness” Bee

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends! Remember me? 🙂 It’s okay if you don’t. I know I’ve been all over the place lately… Facebook posts, Insta posts, even Twitter tweets! But it’s time for some blog action, agreed? 🙂


Hmm, what’s new in the life of Shannon? What’s marvelous you ask?!


Getting big huge amazing Visalus boxes in the mail ❤ Ahhh, love.


Finishing half marathons like NOTHIN with my dad.
Just good ol’ family bonding.


Drinking the best tasting smoothie I have ever had in my life.
And if you know me, you know I’m a smoothie connoisseur.


KILLING my workouts lately. ❤ Muscles city, yo.
And nothing more hilarious then my friend snapchatting videos of me deadlifting. Niiiice, at least I was working hard! haha!


Spending the weekend with INCREDIBLE mentors and LEGENDS in the health and wellness community. #soblessed


Oh, did I mention meeting LEGENDS? Nick Sarnicola, everyone. One of the co-founders of Visalus. Yeah, that’s right. In the flesh.
His conference/lecture/talk on Wednesday changed my entire perspective on health and wellness and how to run my own at-home business in an incredibly humble and brilliantly fun and light-hearted way. 🙂


Did I mention that spending almost every day with this woman for hours on end has also been an incredible blessing? Seriously cannot express how much our friendship means to me. Thank you for everything beautiful! 🙂


Oh, and this is her son. UMMMM, adorable. 🙂


Aaaand so happy I get to workout a few times a week with my amazing #fitfriend Tara!! Girl, we’re making #GAINZ like it’s no one’s business ❤


Throwing Challenge parties every two weeks has become my new lifelong love and obsession, and if you ever want to come over for a smoothie and some fun times, just hit me up, people. For real, I like throwing parties 🙂


Getting to spend some amazing quality time with this amazing woman. Miss you already girl, and I’m so happy your house-warming party was a success!




Living the #vilife. Thrilling. Blessing. Incredible. Amazing. Fantastic. Adventure. Awesome. Love love loving my Visalus family and life! Cannot even put into words how much this has ALREADY changed my life for the better. 21 days in, guys. Only THREE WEEKS. 🙂 So grateful for this experience.

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Have a beautiful, fabulous, amazing, edifying week everybody! ❤
Xoxo, peace & love, Shannon

MIMM: 25th birthday celebratory weekend! So.Much.Cake.


Cake. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my birthday weekend. Cake and a lot of reallyyyyyy good Mexican food ❤


My mom surprised me at work the morning of my birthday with a DELICIOUS carrot cake – my favorite favorite kind of cake/ probably my favorite dessert ever.


And I made her take a selfie with me ❤ Love you mama!

me and mom

The night of my birthday was filled with stories, laughs, cake, tacos, presents, beautiful sunsets, and more cake.


My step mom made an incredible Mexican dinner, with homemade fish tostadas, black bean and corn salsa, yellow rice (my fave), and some incredible sangria. Yeah, it’s safe to say I had my fair share in helpings of THAT meal!


My younger sister even MADE this cake for me from scratch – decorated with frosting and everything! She is so talented, eh? (Yes it was freaking delicious, and YES that is edible glitter on top… she knows me so well 😉 )


Friday morning, I made the (somewhat) difficult but necessary decision to forego extra sleep and get to Body Pump that morning. Yessss it was so worth it – such a good class and really felt the burn!


One of my favorite tasks this weekend was to figure out how to use my newest gadget, a birthday gift to me… behold, the iPhone 5s. I never thought the day would come when I would switch from my Android, but it had to happen, and I.AM.THRILLED. My sisters and I can all iMessage now, and that kinda sums up why its better 🙂


I was contemplating this as a second gift for myself, but thought… “Shannon, get a grip. You’re 25, and people don’t need more reasons to think you’re 18.”


I only have a few pictures from Saturday night, but it was a GREAT time with friends celebrating my birthday – oh yeah, with more Mexican food. They brought out this (hilarious) sombrero and sang me a really (hilariously pathetic and awkward) birthday song with maracas, and gave me a plate with flan and a candle in it. The food was outSTANDing, and I’m so glad I got to catch up with some friends and my sister! (Yes, they let me keep the sombrero, too).


I forced everyone to take singular pictures with me too. Its prom again!! I’ll post this one of me and my sister, so you can get an idea haha!


Yesterday, before my sister started her sojourn back to Chicago, we went for a nice (long) ((hilly)) bike ride with my dad to a park nearby our house. It was actually a great workout, and a beautiful day for it (until it started downpouring). Ahhh, family fun, right?

10430821_10202670054864752_162540389175201084_n Hope you all had stellar weekends ❤ And thanks for all your birthday wishes!! I’m so happy and so blessed 🙂 hashtag: sentimentalmoment.

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Hayyyy 25…Lookin Good! Birthday Post!

Hayooooo Birthdayyyy!!! (Those are my Thursday thoughts, exactly!) Wow, July is just about over, and I am another year older. Is 25 old? I sure don’t feel old. But in some ways, I do feel older than 25.

Regardless, I am a smiley ball of sunshine today 🙂 Woot! I love summer, and I love free Starbucks. #jussayin. Had to stop there this morning and snatch it up!


Yesterday morning, I got some awesome lower body lifting in. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a strictly “leg day” so this was a happy pre-birthday workout!

20140730_051307Last night, after our fun run, my dad and stepmom surprised me with a HUGE birthday cake! They know how much I looooove frosting on cakes, so I was able to eat one of those balloons you see in this picture below (guys, I died of happiness, but not really. But almost)


And of course, all my happy birthday gym selfies.

20140731_054059 20140731_054338 20140731_054859

Got my swim on, got my run on, and got my upper body lifting on today. Hayooo!

I cannot wait to spend my birthday with people I love, and celebrate with my best friends this weekend. Can’t wait to see my sister tomorrowwwwwwwwwww! Seriously hashtag blessed.

Love you all, thanks for the birthday wishes. Now go hug your puppies, because for real, I miss mine, and can’t wait to see him tonight too ❤ 🙂


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Life Lately 7.21.14

Holy cats, everyone, its been two weeks since I posted last. TWO WHOLE WEEKS. That is how crazy busy my days have been flying by! I barely have enough time to read the blogs I subscribe to! Eeks! It’s time to download some awesome memories and highlights of the last two weeks here!

Let’s see then… where to begin…


So this is predominantly why I’ve been so busy lately. I’ve been running, biking, teaching Body Pump, cycling, INSANITY-ing, and lifting more than I have in a looong time. It’s a blast, but it sure is exhausting at times. Yes, even enough to keep me from blogging 😉

Here are some workout highlights!


Teaching Pump ❤



Swim, swim, swim!


Fun runs with my dad!


Running with my sister!


Personal Best at the Festa Italiana 5K! Such a great route!

I’ve cut out caffeine, guys. Yeah, I said that. No coffee, no energy drinks, no nothin’. This is my second full week, and I actually feel great! I don’t have any heartburn (often a side effect of drinking coffee for me), I sleep like a log every night, and I don’t have any caffeine withdrawal feelings. I’ve been drinking tea and lots of water, along with gingerale thrown in there too 🙂


I’ve also been eating TONS of salads lately. Almost everyday for lunch, and sometimes for dinner too. Really trying to up my veggie count!




Can’t forget my favorite fruit 😉


After our Festa Italiana run, my dad and I split a rice ball. Hallelujah delicious!!


Recent grocery haul, for your review 🙂


While I include EVERYTHING from Fitness and Food in my “fun” category, here are some other highlights from the last two weeks!


Went to a book signing and discussion of Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book The Signature of All Things. It was so much fun! I seriously love this lady, her insight into the world of writing and just living life to its fullest. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the book now, and cannot wait to see how it ends! (Also have her four other books en route as we speak to read this summer!)


I haaaaaaaad to include a picture of my favorite Gus, right?!


Such a fun night at a jazz and rock concert with my family a week ago. They had massive hula hoops for everyone to test out, so obviously, I showed off my “mad skillz”. I obviously had a blast there 🙂


Saw a hilarious cover band at Festa Italiana with my dad, who sang so many Beach Boy songs, it made me wanna go surfin’ (surfin’ USA)!20140718_212452

Oh, and I decided one day, I’m buying a Vespa. Yep, and probably a matching one for my sister. So we can traipse the tiny streets of Europe when we move there. We can dream, right? (And make it happen…)

Have a beautiful, beautiful Monday everyone! I’ll be writing again soon, pinky promise ❤

Peace & Love

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Thinking Out Loud: All Good Things

I like these Thinking Out Loud posts. I’ll admit it. They really are a great way to recap what the heck has been going on in the last week, and how my brain can process it in really easy numbered points. Good work, brain.


1. The more I think about it, the more I believe I would be a perfect Floridian. I seriously am loving these thunderstorms, the incredibly humid weather and hot sun that we’ve had in Wisconsin the last few days. Bring. Me. More.

A photo from when I was in Key West last May. The dress with leopards on it says it all = epic happiness.

2. I love entertaining/hosting/cooking for people who come visit my new apartment. Last night my friend Sarah paid me a visit for dinner, and I think I made one of everything in my kitchen. I had a blast!

IMG_20140619_070043Black Rice from Trader Joe’s. Seriously, SO GOOD.
But be careful, I think it stains white dishes 🙂


Homemade grilled turkey burgers w/ green pepper, scallions, and goat cheese.


 Fruit salad (yummy, yummy!). I could’ve gone on and on and on with the different kinds of fruit I wanted to add!


Gluten-free, no-sugar-added chocolate chip banana pb muffins for dessert.

3. I definitely need to carve out more time to hang out by my new pool at my apartment. The water is so crisp, clear, and the perfect temperature. I could lay there for daaaaays.


4. Doing the splits is hard. I’m trying though! Okay, nuff said.


5. If I ever am short on time or am in a workout lull for the day, one mantra comes to mind. Sprints make me sweat. Seriously though, I break my sweat within minutes of starting these workouts, and I feel SO great afterwards. More importantly, I’m starving afterwards. 🙂


6. I loved getting nominated for the Liebster Award! That means I’m kinda an “up-and-coming” blogger RIGHT? 🙂 If you missed my post yesterday, check it out here!


Well wishes and happy day-dreaming to you all this beautiful Thursday ❤


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