Sunday Musings 1.29.17

Good morning Sunday 🙂 This morning, I got up early, took Baymax out, made some black chai tea, and sat down with our LED fireplace on... and journaled. Handwritten in this new beautiful notebook I got. For the first time in years. Probably since just before dating Patrick - which will be two years in [...]

Sunday Musings 1.22.17

Good morning beauties!  Since the beginning of this year, my plans have changed. I am focusing on re-focusing.  My yoga practice, my running schedule, my goals with lifting weights.  My work schedule, how I can grow in my job, what I can do to improve our company. The layout of our apartment, what I do [...]

Sunday Funday Update 5.15.16

Happy Sunday again! This weekend is unique for us, because we got our long run out of the way Friday night since it was our nicest weather for the weekend. Anddddd we were able to actually sleep in both days and go out with friends both nights! 🙂 Officially ONE WEEK until the big race. [...]

Sunday Links and Productivity! 4.24.16

FIRST OF ALL, WE ARE LESS THAN ONE MONTH AWAY FROM OUR MARATHON. I can't believe how fast this training has gone! Our 20 mile run is next weekend already! AHH! 🙂 I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited it's getting closer, because running and sleeping is probably 2/3 of my life. Which isn't bad, but [...]

Sunday Links and Moving Update! 4.3.16

I'm officially moved! Patrick and I are forever roommates 🙂 And BOY has it been a long weekend! We ran 18 miles yesterday for marathon training, did an initial load of moving small things, and then today we moved the big furniture and put it all together and in place. Woah, my body. is. spent. [...]

Sunday Links 3.20.16

It's SPRING! Officially! As if Mother Nature knew this was a day to celebrate, we got to wake up to a gorgeous bright shining sun... and still 40 degrees. But at least there's sunlight! I'll take it 🙂 We've had a particularly wonderfulllll relaxing weekend, with exactly zero plans aside from our long run yesterday, [...]

Sunday Links 3.13.16

This weekend absolutely flew by. I wish I had about 15 more hours of Sunday. To relax. Rest. Recoup. And regenerate my energy for the week to come. That being said, we had a wonderful weekend, it was packed with fun, friends, and running of course. 🙂 So much to celebrate! After spending Friday night [...]