Living the Happy Life 9.14.2017

Hey y'all 🙂 How is everybody? Enjoying this space between summer and fall? This transition is always always my favorite time of the year. If we could just pause the temperature/ weather/ outdoor feel, with cool nights and slightly warmer days, I would be just peachy happy with that! It's perfect for literally everything: running, [...]

Our Move – The Recap 6/2/16

First of all, Happy June!! 🙂 Secondly, we did it! We moved into our new beautiful home last weekend. And due to a myriad of unfortunate circumstances that arose, we moved ALL by ourselves. My mom came on the last day to help us clean and organize and do the finishing touches, but Patrick and [...]

Quick Thursday Thoughts 5.26.16

Happy Thursday! Jumping in with Amanda at Running with Spoons! And great news, I can walk again normally after the marathon on Sunday! I'm pretty excited about that little fact 🙂 I actually got up early and worked OUT this morning! It was pretty rough on the lower body, not going to lie, but it [...]

Thursday Thoughts and Tapering 5.12.16

Hi people!! It's Thursday again! 🙂 I have some thoughts about the last week... joining in with Amanda with Running with Spoons as always! My yoga challenges are seriously becoming one of my favorite parts of my day. If not my favorite sometimes. I love seeing how I can contort myself and push my body [...]

Thursday Thoughts and Musings! 4.28.16

It's almost May!!! This month is flying by! I can't believe next month is Marathon Month. NEXT MONTH ALREADY. Only about 3 weeks away, holy cats! It's okay, we're good. This is all fun and I'm trained and ready and happy 🙂 #repeat Joining Amanda again for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays! 🙂 The weather here [...]

Thursday Thoughts! 4.21.16

GOOD MORNING! 🙂 How is everybody on this beautiful Thursday? I think I'm just super chipper because this week is a low(ish) mileage week (before we run 20 next weekend), and we haven't had too much to do after work this week. AND I get to puppy-sit GUS this weekend!!! Seriously stoked. We also have [...]

Thinking Out Loud Thursday! 4.14.16

Good morning! This has been such a different week for me; I've been on-call for work, carrying the work phone around with me, and honestly, pretty anxious about anything that might come through on those calls. I haven't been at the company two months yet, but I know this is a great way for me [...]