Leaving your “Comfort Zone” – 1.25.2018

You always hear people say "Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone." And really, they ain't kidding.I am the first to admit that leaving that happy, snuggly, comfortable place is absolutely terrifying. Will I get injured? Will I fail? Will I look like an idiot? (All these questions whir through my head). But [...]

An Object in Motion Stays in Motion… Life Updates! 8.29.16

Hellooooooo!! Longest hiatus ever I know. Therefore... I definitely have plenty to update you with!  We have been zooming around to various races/events, enjoying our perfect little puppy growing up and growing HUGE already, and of course I am still completely grateful and loving my personal training gig, with my yoga practice peppered in still. [...]

Marvelously Busy Monday 7.11.16

Morning everybody! PHEW, this has been a crazy few weeks. We have been hyper busy, so pardon my lack of blogging 🙂 But I'm back, so it's all good again! My yoga challenges have been a blast! And I've been doing inversions every day of July, which is wonderful! I have been doing these little [...]

Summer Lovin- Thinking Out loud 6.23.16

Hi friends! From Baymax and me 🙂 Wisconsin has the kookiest weather, I swear. BUT I cannot complain about the humidity, the heat, the rain because frankly, I LOVE IT ALL 🙂 Secretly wish I was living in Florida, but then I don't think I would love summer as much if I had it all [...]

Sunday Links! PR’s and a New Bike! 4.10.16

Oh hello again Sunday 🙂 The day where I very consciously try to never leave our apartment. We were flying around all week, working late, running long, cooking and cleaning nonstop, driving all over the place... It's good to be relaxed at home finally 🙂 A little synopsis of fun yoga poses 🙂 Also, BIG [...]

Chicken and Swimming – The Winning Combo.

Short post for today, but a delicious one! 🙂 For dinner: sauteed chicken and veggies. ALL THE VEGGIES. My concoction of spices. Mwahaha. Patrick dressing up our chicken quarters 🙂 Veggies before... And droolworthy veggie after... NOM. The finished product! It was actually way more difficult to pull this chicken apart than I thought, but [...]

#PictureFrameFriday #5: Triathlon Training!

On August 15, Patrick, my dad and I are participating in a Sprint Triathlon. Soooo that means we must train!! I haven't made much time for swimming with my marathon training and all, so this morning we SWAM and it felt SO good! Let me back up... TODAY'S MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!! ❤ She's always been [...]