Life Lately && Marathon Recap! 10.5.2017

I did it, you guys! My fourth marathon is actually over. And you know, I'm really sad about it. I LOVED training this time around. Every long distance run was like a new event for me to plan with Patrick (obviously, as my sherpa), and now, it's all done. You better believe I'll be finding [...]

Living the Happy Life 9.14.2017

Hey y'all πŸ™‚ How is everybody? Enjoying this space between summer and fall? This transition is always always my favorite time of the year. If we could just pause the temperature/ weather/ outdoor feel, with cool nights and slightly warmer days, I would be just peachy happy with that! It's perfect for literally everything: running, [...]

Happy May! Sunday Links 5.1.16

Happy May!! We are so excited for this month; we have so much planned, including obviously one of the most important events this year, our marathon! This is the start to our exciting summer, with running and biking events, concerts, weddings, and lots of awesome travel! May is always a great month πŸ™‚ This past [...]

#MIMM 7 – Great Wedding and Looong Runs

Pardon the delay in this morning's post. It's Monday, though, soooo delaying is acceptable, right? This last weekend was a perfect combination of busy-busy and rest time. We got to see great friends, experience a wonderful wedding ceremony, run loooooong, and relax on Sunday (for once). πŸ™‚ Here's my Marvelous in my Monday post! Friday [...]

MIMM #2: A Weekend Recap

Good morning world! Latest blog today, from the girl who slept an hour past her alarm clock and got over TEN hours of sleep last night. YAY energy! BOO less time to workout! We'll just have to transition into an "after-hours" workout instead. This last weekend was filled with spending time with friends allllllll over [...]

MIMM: Cher concert. And Mr. and Mrs. Prada’s Wedding!

Sooo much fabulocity in one weekend (fabulocity is a word right?), leaving me feeling incredibly marvelous ❀ Friday. Cher. AHHH, guys my lifelong dream has come true, and yes that is such a serious statement. I have loved her music since I heard my mom working out to it when I was a kid, and [...]