New Opportunities = Big Life Changes! 10.1.2018

Good morning. Happy Monday. Happy October!! This month is going to be FLOODED with newness for me. Big changes and new things to do, schedules to get used to, new people to meet, and I am exhilarated and ready to go!As you know, last weekend I ran my 5th marathon and absolutely loved it! While [...]

TOL: Life Update! October 1st

Hiiiiiiii friends! I know my thinking out loud post is early, but I am WAY too antsy to dish out my thoughts and experiences about my marathon training this week... or actually, more like lots of resting and cross training! Linking up with Amanda, as usual! First off, #happymonthiversary boo ❤ Since I last posted, [...]

Listening to your Body

Last night, we met some friends at dinner at a really fabulous and fun new restaurant. I was SO excited to try all this new food, and I knew we would probably order a good amount, so I made sure I was "good and hungry" before we went out to eat. Going forward, I'm never [...]